Your Online Supplement Dispensary

Introducing  eStoreRx-Logo-black

The online supplement dispensary for easy direct-to-patient ordering & fulfillment for Lifelong Wellness


Your Online Dispensary Benefits:

  • Branded to Your Practice
  • Customized Product Selection
  • Option to Bundle Products
  • Discount Codes
  • Auto-Ship Fulfillment
  • Easily Shareable Direct-to-Product Links
  • Free with Qualifying Monthly Volume*

* first 6 months are free; after that, 13.99/month if sales are less than $1000 retail

How It Works:

eStoreRx™ is offered on it’s own, or as part of your all-inclusive WholePractice membership, with all the additional tools you need to build your practice, including WholeLifeRx™, Nimativ®, WholeLifeQ™ and Practice Success Programs.

  1. Complete your application for eStoreRx™ only
  2. Wait for your store to be built
  3. Select your products and bundles
  4. Begin!
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