A Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

Introducing  WholeLifeQ_white_logo

An easy-to-implement online health questionnaire to better understand your patient’s health by identifying clinical needs and monitoring their progress.

A Great Addition to Your Virtual Practice-Building Toolkit!

With WholeLifeQ, not only do you more clearly understand your patient’s health, you and your patient can track their progress together, helping them connect more closely to their own health.

Getting a read on your patient’s health status has never been simpler.

This Automated Health
Assessment Tool

  • Identifies the clinical needs of patients
  • Provides symptom burden charts and analysis
  • Has the option to customize forms/questionnaires
  • Monitors patient progress
  • Offers a food & feeling log to patients

How It Works:

WholeLifeQ™ is now part of your all-inclusive WholePractice membership, with all the additional tools you need to build your practice, including WholeLifeRx™, Nimativ®, Practice Success Programs and eStoreRx™.

  1. Sign up for your membership
  2. Register for WholeLifeQ™ (and other programs)
  3. Login to your practitioner account
  4. Share the questionnaire link with your patients!