Biotics Research Corporation is the first supplement brand in the United States to provide certification of authenticity to our fish oil products, verified by Orivo through an independent third-party authenticity test.

The recently established test, which is the first of its kind in the industry, is able to verify both ingredients and end-consumer products, including concentrated fish oil. A substantial R&D effort, which has been partly funded by The Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway, has formed the basis for the test. The testing technology is based on proven NMR analysis combined with a strong database of known reference samples and powerful analysis algorithms. With this new tool in hand, Orivo is now able to verify marine species and the region of catch, simply by testing the product off the retail shelf.

Orivo_logoBased in Molde, Norway, Orivo serves the global markets independent 3rd party verification to meet the consumer demand for non-adulterated and sustainable marine ingredients.

Biotics Research Corporation is the first US supplement company to start using the authenticity test for all of our products containing fish oil. We use an anchovy source from the cold waters of the South Pacific Ocean off the South American coast and now, for the first time, the authenticity can be verified through a third-party test.

This is obviously of tremendous value for our customers who now can be certain they are getting the highest quality omega-3s available when they buy our fish oils. We have never had doubt in our suppliers; rather it confirms that we are using the best suppliers. In addition, with growing concern for sustainability issues, the certification shows our fish oil is undeniably coming from sustainable sources.

Biotics Research, together with Orivo, is setting a new international standard of transparency for omega-3 products.

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