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Chemical Intolerance and Chronic Illness

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For over 40 years, Biotics Research Corporation has revolutionized the nutritional supplement industry by utilizing “The Best of Science and Nature”. Combining nature’s principles with scientific ingenuity, our products magnify the nutritional

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    Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Prediabetic & Healthy Adults

    The use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) among people with insulin-dependent diabetes has gained wider acceptance, as it has shown benefit in controlling glucose ev... Learn more

    Deer Antler May Upregulate Genes to Combat Fatigue

    A recent study found that deer antler’s potential use in helping with fatigue in mice may be caused by alterations in the expression of genes related to skeletal muscle s... Learn more

    Maca May Significantly Improve Sexual Function

    A review has confirmed a potential link between Lepidium meyenii, commonly known as maca, and improved sexual function. Learn more

    Mediterranean Diet May Improve Cognition Later in Life

    Memory and thinking tend to decline when adults enter their late 70s, but the underlying factors for this diminished cognition have been poorly understood. Recent researc... Learn more

    Prediabetes a Risk for Cognitive Decline and Dementia

    Results from the UK Biobank study, one of the largest cohorts of middle-aged adults to provide data for HbA1c across the glycemic spectrum as well as measures of cognitiv... Learn more

    REM Regulates Eating Behavior

    Recent research showed that the activation of neurons in the hypothalamus during rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep helps regulate eating behavior in mice. Learn more

    Poor Gut Health Linked to Lung Function

    A recent review has uncovered the relationship between lung function and poor gut health. Learn more

    Driver of Physical Responses to Emotional Stress Discovered

    A research paper published in 2020 in the journal Science has identified the DP/DTT-to-hypothalamus circuit, a neural circuit that drives physical responses to emotional ... Learn more

    Study Shows Drinking Coffee Before Breakfast Raises Blood Sugar

    A recent paper published in the British Journal of Nutrition has revealed some interesting information regarding the effects of disrupted sleep and morning coffee. By loo... Learn more

    Study Shows Vitamin D Absorption is Optimized with Magnesium

    In a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, lead author Qi Dai, MD, PhD, Ingram, Professor of Cancer Research, analyzes the relationship between v... Learn more

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