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For over 40 years, Biotics Research Corporation has revolutionized the nutritional supplement industry by utilizing “The Best of Science and Nature”. Combining nature’s principles with scientific ingenuity, our products magnify the nutritional

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    Resveratrol, Inflammation, and Osteoarthritis:

    Osteoarthritis (OA), a chronic articular disease characterized by cartilage degradation and osteophyte formation, involves mechanical and hereditary factors. French resea... Learn more

    SAMe for Depression?

    A review in Naturopathic Currents looked at SAMe and its impact on mental health(1). Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), the most frequently prescribed antide... Learn more

    Zinc, Hedgehog Autoprocesssing, and Chronic Disease!

    Zinc is an essential trace mineral with a wide range of biological functions. Hedgehog (Hh) pathway is a key regulator of cell growth and development that helps to establ... Learn more

    Zinc, Prenatal LPS and Autism:

    In order to understand the causes of autistic-like behaviors, researchers from the University of Sao Paulo evaluated maternal serum metal concentrations involved in intra... Learn more

    Heavy Metals and Migraines!

    According to a study published in 2012, Migraines affect 12% of the US population. While the number of studies related to migraine pathophysiology have increased in recen... Learn more

    Gluten-Free Diet Impacts the Human Microbiome:

    A gluten-free diet (GFD) is commonly adopted as an effective treatment for celiac disease, and is often followed to alleviate GI complaints. While we know there is an imp... Learn more

    Important Info on US Sodium and Potassium Intakes and Their Ratio:

    Sodium-to-potassium ratio (Na:K) is shown to be strongly associated with an increased risk of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and CVD related mortality, more than either Na ... Learn more

    Long Term Multivitamin Use Linked to Lower Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in Men!

    Researchers from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Karolinska Institute (Stockhilm) and Brinham and Women’s Hospital (Boston) investigated how multivitamin use is ... Learn more

    Fish Oil for Healthy Community Dwelling Senior Women!

    As we age, we typically experience a decrease in muscle mass and metabolic rate and an increase in fat mass, thereby predisposing older adults to chronic disease and func... Learn more

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Adiponectin, Leptin and Obesity:

    Increased adiposity is linked to altered levels of biologically active proteins, including the hormones adiponectin and leptin. Adiponectin is negatively correlated with ... Learn more

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